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Je ne suis pas une ordinateuse

by Lacheque

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Header 01:04
Hello there, fellow carbon-based life forms Today, we're going to introduce you a new form of music My name is [REDACTED] I work with two of my very special friends, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] It's ten million years in the future, and we're still evolving beyond normal means Keep that beat going, and don't forget to bless this mess Can you hear time ticking away?
You have to imagine a world in which everyone is a computer In their own right, they believe they're thinking at a higher level They are, yes But are they still human? Humanity is at fault for wanting to believe things like this Sometimes I believe that I too am a robot, That I am one with the machines I feel like I am forced to side with them And I feel that this leads to many bouts of confusion in my life I am not a computer I am just something like one You are too Believe me I am not a computer (7x) But are they still human? (7x)
Xerocks 04:59
Swap 03:24
Six five five three five Six five five three five
Direnetworks 05:55


YOUTUBE PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoWg37Ys8e0xJU8WRX3HKfY325zotTryW

This album is lovingly dedicated to Chris Taylor, who passed away after a long battle with cancer on September 24 2018.

Long live my muse.

If you are downloading this as a free album, please consider sending a few dollars to his cancer research fund at www.donorbox.org/chris.


Her emotions are inorganic. Her brain is nothing more than a mechanism, hard-wired to seek answers for things she simply could not understand.

If she could speak, she would cry out, "I am not a computer, just something like one. You are too, believe me."

But her voice was stolen from her, so she stayed quiet. In the end, she was simply misunderstood.


released January 13, 2019





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